Chess Tutoring in Salt Lake Valley, Utah

How can you improve your chess playing ability and win more often? Several things can help, including the following:

  • Practice your skills by playing chess
  • Read a chess book for your own playing level
  • Receive guidance from a qualified chess tutor in private lessons

The chess-book author Jonathan Whitcomb, of Murray, Utah, now offers his expertise in chess instruction to residents of the Salt Lake Valley, especially the central communities closer to Murray. Whatever your age, if your skill in the royal game is anything like that of 99% of the population of Utah then you can greatly benefit from his chess tutoring. The normal charge for lessons is only $25, and this includes free training materials. The first lesson also includes a free copy of the book Beat That Kid in Chess, and you’ll be under no obligation, with no commitment to take any more lessons, if you so choose.

Jonathan Whitcomb with glasses

Jonathan Whitcomb in a mini-documentary

His book for beginners, Beat That Kid in Chess, uses the new NIP system of chess instruction: nearly-identical positions, which makes it much easier to learn to see relevant possibilities in chess tactics. Allow him to explain it to you himself by calling him or sending him an email (CONTACT) (phone: 801-590-9692). You can even set up an appointment for him to visit you at your home, or at a library close to your home, and this initial getting-to-know-you meeting is completely free, with no commitment necessary.

Whitcomb believes that even just one $25 chess lesson, with a free copy of his book, may become worthwhile for promoting his new chess-instruction method, even if the new student never takes another private lesson from him. He believes that the probable word-of-mouth marketing will eventually bring him success in both book sales and in his chess tutoring endeavor.

The following is a YouTube video, narrated by Whitcomb, for more advanced players:

If the above image looks like only a black square (not working as a video connection), click on the following link: Bishop plus knight checkmate. That should work for your computer web browser, unless you have a very old operating system for your computer.

Most of Whitcomb’s teaching has been for beginners, however, so don’t feel intimidated if you find the above YouTube video too difficult to understand or too complicated to remember. He’ll keep the tutoring sessions on your own level.

Why not call or email Jonathan Whitcomb now? You can ask him any questions you’d like to: (CONTACT) (phone: 801-590-9692).



Chess Tutor in Salt Lake Valley

He can teach a student of almost any age and playing ability, and this includes players rated up to 1500 by the United States Chess Federation. This includes the great majority of adults, kids, and teenagers in the state of Utah: over 99%.

Utah Chess Instruction

Jonathan Whitcomb, an active member of the Harman Center Chess Club in West Valley, Utah, is the developer of the NIP system of chess instruction (nearly-identical positions) and the author of the book Beat That Kid in Chess.

New Chess Book for Beginners

. . . the choice of a book on chess should depend on the playing level of the one who reads the book. The purchasing decision should depend a great deal on that point.


Here’s the front cover of the book Beat That Kid in Chess:

chess book for almost all ages


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