What is this word “adahmeve?” With the degradation of the word “marriage” in some Western societies, we must have a word specific to the traditional marriage of a male husband and a female wife. This concept is not centered on the traditions associated with wedding ceremonies, for it reaches into the future, as husband and wife live in mutual respect for their marriage covenants. Adahmeve, in the strict sense, simply means marriage between a woman and a man; but the spirit of the concept is in a successful long term relationship between the wife and husband. And we have critical reasons for promoting the successes of those relationships. Without adahmeve, this formal union of man and woman, over past centuries, we would not have any human civilization worth mentioning, of any kind, anywhere on the earth, even if humans could avoid extinction while abandoning adahmeve. One Fruit of Adahmeve The adoption of a child into a family will always have an important function in our societies of mortals. But that should not detract from an essential role of adahmeve in human societies: to bring new life into this world. Children born from the natural union of a husband and wife---that is an essential fruit of adahmeve, and is, in fact, the foundation of all successful human societies. Copyright 2013 Jonathan David Whitcomb This couple is celebrating 50 years of adahmeve Adahmeve  Family fruit from God, through adahmeve Of divine origin, the family with the relationship of adahmeve It is pronounced uh-’dah-meev. The verb is “admeve,” pronounced uhd-’meev.